The club has done well in recent years, winning medals at state and national events, and seeing members selected onto state and national representative teams. We also have a large and active membership of people who row simply for activity and enjoyment. Our operations provide opportunities across the full spectrum, from masters to high performance, intervarsity, club, and junior.

All of this is due to excellent coaching, access to equipment and facilities, a diligent committee, and the support of the ANU Sport and Recreation Association.

To continue to aspire to provide such opportunities for our members ANUBC must build its fleet of high quality equipment. 

We seek your support and ask you to consider making a donation to the ANUBC Fleet Renewal Project.

Go to here to make a donation. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. The link shows several ANU Sport projects. Make sure you select ANUBC Fleet Renewal Project to ensure your donation gets to us.