Enrolment for the ANUBC 2018 Semester 2 ITR Program is now OPEN

The dates and times for the three groups are:

Group A: Monday and Thursday afternoons at 5:15pm. First session Monday 8th October

Group B: Tuesday afternoon at 5:15pm and Saturday morning at 8:45am. First session Tuesday 9th October

Group C: Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 5:15pm. First session Wednesday 10th October

If you want more information or want to enrol in the program submit the form below.

The ANU Boat Club teaches beginners to row through the Introduction to Rowing Program. The ITR program is run twice a year and requires no previous experience and is run twice a year. The first Week one of first semester. The second commences in early October.  The program includes 8 lessons over four weeks with practical, on-water instruction from the very first lesson. Participants will have a certified coach and experienced coxswain to help them learn about the equipment and terminology used in rowing, and to teach the skills required. Participants must be able to swim at least 200m fully clothed.

The Program is run from the club house on ANU campus. It is open to ANU Students and members of ANU Sport.

Participants who successfully graduate from the ITR Program are eligible to apply for membership to the club as a member of the novice squad if they join within 3 weeks of completing the Program. 


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